Ebook Business Essentials 11e by Ebert, Griffin (Global Edition)

Business Essentials
11th Edition (Global Edition)
Author(s) : Ronald J. Ebert - Ricky W. Griffin
Copyright © 2017
Publisher : P*arson Education / Pr*ntice Hall
File format / size : PDF / 105.01 MB

Table of Content:
Part 1: The Contemporary Business World
1. The U.S. Business Environment
2. Understanding Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
3. Entrepreneurship, New Ventures, and Business Ownership
4. Understanding the Global Context of Business

Part 2: Managing the Business
5. Managing the Business
6. Organizing the Business
7. Operations Management and Quality
Part 3: People in Organizations
8. Employee Behavior and Motivation
9. Leadership and Decision Making
10. Human Resource Management and Labor Relations

Part 4: Principles of Marketing: Building Relationships with Customers for Competitive Advantage
11. Marketing Processes and Consumer Behavior
12. Developing and Pricing Products
13. Distributing and Promoting Products
Part 5: Managing Information for Better Business Decisions
14. Information Technology (IT) for Business
15. The Role of Accountants and Accounting Information

Part 6: The Financial System and Issues in Financial Management
16. Understanding Money and the Role of Banking
17. Managing Business Finances

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