Download Ebook Accounting 12e by Marshall, McManus, Viele

Accounting: What the Number Mean
12th Edition
Author(s) : David Marshall • Wayne McManus • Daniel Viele
Copyright © 2020
Publisher : McGr*wH*ll Educ*tion
File Format / Size : ePUB / 22.97 MB

Table of Contents

Ch. 1 Accounting—Present and Past

Part 1: Financial Accounting
Ch. 2 Financial Statements and Accounting Concepts/Principles
Ch. 3 Fundamental Interpretations Made from Financial Statement Data
Ch. 4 The Bookkeeping Process and Transaction Analysis
Ch. 5 Accounting for and Presentation of Current Assets
Ch. 6 Accounting for and Presentation of Property, Plant, and Equipment, and Other Noncurrent Assets
Ch. 7 Accounting for and Presentation of Liabilities
Ch. 8 Accounting for and Presentation of Stockholders’ Equity
Ch. 9 The Income Statement and the Statement of Cash Flows
Ch. 10 Corporate Governance, Notes to the Financial Statements, and Other Disclosures
Ch. 11 Financial Statement Analysis

Part 2: Managerial Accounting
Ch. 12 Managerial Accounting and Cost– Volume–Profit Relationships
Ch. 13 Cost Accounting and Reporting
Ch. 14 Cost Planning
Ch. 15 Cost Control
Ch. 16 Costs for Decision Making
Epilogue: Accounting—The Future
Appendix: Campbell Soup Company 2017 Annual Report

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