Ebook Probability & Statistics for Engineers & Scientists 9e by Walpole, Myers (Global Edition)

Probability & Statistics for Engineers & Scientists
9th Edition (Global Edition)
by Ronald E. Walpole • Raymond H. Myers • Sharon L. Myers • Keying Ye
Copyright © 2016
Pe*rson Educ*tion / Pr*ntice Hall
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Table of contents
1. Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis
2. Probability
3. Random Variables and Probability Distributions
4. Mathematical Expectation
5. Some Discrete Probability Distributions
6. Some Continuous Probability Distributions
7. Functions of Random Variables (Optional)
8. Sampling Distributions and More Graphical Tools
9. One- and Two-Sample Estimation Problems
10. One- and Two-Sample Tests of Hypotheses
11. Simple Linear Regression and Correlation
12. Multiple Linear Regression and Certain Nonlinear Regression Models
13. One-Factor Experiments: General
14. Factorial Experiments (Two or More Factors)
15. 2k Factorial Experiments and Fractions
16. Nonparametric Statistics
17. Statistical Quality Control
18. Bayesian Statistics

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