Ebook Managerial Accounting 4e by Whitecotton, Libby and Phillips

Managerial Accounting
4th Edition
Author(s) : Stacey Whitecotton • Robert Libby • Fred Phillips
Copyright © 2020
Publisher : McGraw-Hill Education
PDF 52.54 MB

Brief Content:
CHAPTER 1 Introduction to Managerial Accounting
CHAPTER 2 Job Order Costing
CHAPTER 3 Process Costing
CHAPTER 4 Activity-Based Costing and Cost Management
CHAPTER 5 Cost Behavior
CHAPTER 6 Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
CHAPTER 7 Incremental Analysis for Short-Term Decision Making
CHAPTER 8 Budgetary Planning
CHAPTER 9 Standard Costing and Variances Analysis
CHAPTER 10 Decentralized Performance Evaluation
CHAPTER 11 Capital Budgeting
CHAPTER 12 Statement of Cash Flows
CHAPTER 13 Measuring and Evaluating Financial Performance

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