Ebook Information Systems Today 8e by Valacich and Schneider

Information Systems Today: Managing the Digital World
8th Edition
Author(s) : Joseph Valacich • Christoph Schneider
Copyright © 2018
Publisher : Pe*rson Educ*tion / Pr*ntice Hall
PDF 60.81 MB

Table of contents
Chapter 1 Managing in the Digital World 2
Chapter 2 Gaining Competitive Advantage Through Information Systems 48
Chapter 3 Managing the Information Systems Infrastructure and Services 90
Chapter 4 Enabling Business-to-Consumer Electronic Commerce 138
Chapter 5 Enhancing Organizational Communication and Collaboration Using Social Media 182
Chapter 6 Enhancing Business Intelligence Using Big Data and Analytics 224
Chapter 7 Enhancing Business Processes Using Enterprise Information Systems 270
Chapter 8 Strengthening Business-to-Business Relationships via Supply
Chain and Customer Relationship Management 306
Chapter 9 Developing and Acquiring Information Systems 344
Chapter 10 Securing Information Systems 390
Technology Briefing Foundations of Information Systems Infrastructure 442

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