Ebook Fundamentals of Human Resource Management 7e by Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, Wright

Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
7th Edition
Author(s) : Raymond Noe • John Hollenbeck • Barry Gerhart • Patrick Wright
Copyright © 2018
Publisher : McGraw-Hill Education
PDF 37.70 MB

Table of Content:
Part 1: The Human Resource Environment
Chapter 1: Managing Human Resources
Chapter 2: Trends in Human Resource Management
Chapter 3: Providing Equal Employment Opportunity and a Safe Workplace
Chapter 4: Analyzing Work and Designing Jobs
Part 2: Acquiring, Training, and Developing Human Resources
Chapter 5: Planning for and Recruiting Human Resources
Chapter 6: Selecting Employees and Placing Them in Jobs
Chapter 7: Training Employees
Chapter 8: Developing Employees for Future Success
Part 3: Assessing and Improving Performance
Chapter 9: Creating and Maintaining High-Performance Organizations
Chapter 10: Managing Employees' Performance
Chapter 11: Separating and Retaining Employees
Part 4: Compensating Human Resources
Chapter 12: Establishing a Pay Structure
Chapter 13: Recognizing Employee Contributions with Pay
Chapter 14: Providing Employee Benefits
Part 5: Meeting Other HR Goals
Chapter 15: Collective Bargaining and Labor Relations
Chapter 16: Managing Human Resources Globally

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