Ebook Financial Accounting 7e by Libby, Libby, Short

Financial Accounting
7th Edition
Author(s) : Robert Libby • Patricia A. Libby • Daniel G. Short
Copyright © 2011
Publisher : McGr*w-Hill/Irwin
PDF 29.40

Table of contents
Chapter One
Financial Statements and Business Decisions 2
Focus Company: Maxidrive Corporation
Chapter Two
Investing and Financing Decisions and the Balance Sheet 42
Focus Company: Papa John’s International
Chapter Three
Operating Decisions and the Income Statement 100
Focus Company: Papa John’s International
Chapter Four
Adjustments, Financial Statements, and the Quality
of Earnings 162
Focus Company: Papa John’s International
Chapter Five
Communicating and Interpreting Accounting Information 228
Focus Company: Callaway Golf
Chapter Six
Reporting and Interpreting Sales Revenue,
Receivables, and Cash 278
Focus Company: Deckers Outdoor Corporation
Chapter Seven
Reporting and Interpreting Cost of Goods Sold
and Inventory 330
Focus Company: Harley-Davidson, Inc.
Chapter Eight
Reporting and Interpreting Property, Plant, and Equipment;
Natural Resources; and Intangibles 386
Focus Company: Southwest Airlines
Chapter Nine
Reporting and Interpreting Liabilities 454
Focus Company: Starbucks
Chapter Ten
Reporting and Interpreting Bonds 504
Focus Company: Burlington Northern Santa Fe
Chapter Eleven
Reporting and Interpreting Owners’ Equity 550
Focus Company: The Kroger Co.
Chapter Twelve
Reporting and Interpreting Investments
in Other Corporations 596
Focus Company: The Washington Post Company
Chapter Thirteen
Statement of Cash Flows 636
Focus Company: National Beverage Corp.
Chapter Fourteen
Analyzing Financial Statements 690
Focus Company: The Home Depot

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