Ebook Concept in Strategic Management and Business Policy 15e by Wheelen, Hunger (Global Edition)

Strategic Management and Business Policy: Globalization, Innovation, and Sustainability
15th Edition (Global Edition)
Author(s) : Thomas L. Wheelen • J. David Hunger • Alan N. Hoffman • Charles E. Bamford
Copyright © 2018
Pears*n Educ*tion / Pr*ntice H*ll
PDF 19.9 MB

Table of contents
PART one Introduction to Strategic Management and Business Policy 35
CHAPTER 1 Basic Concepts of Strategic Management 36
CHAPTER 2 Corporate Governance 74
CHAPTER 3 Social Responsibility and Ethics in Strategic Management 102
PART two Scanning the Environment 123
CHAPTER 4 Environmental Scanning and Industry Analysis 124
CHAPTER 5 Internal Scanning: Organizational Analysis 160
PART three Strategy Formulation 195
CHAPTER 6 Strategy Formulation: Situation Analysis and Business Strategy 196
CHAPTER 7 Strategy Formulation: Corporate Strategy 218
CHAPTER 8 Strategy Formulation: Functional Strategy and Strategic Choice 248
PART four Strategy Implementation and Control 277
CHAPTER 9 Strategy Implementation: Organizing for Action 278
CHAPTER 10 Strategy Implementation: Staffing and Directing 308
CHAPTER 11 Evaluation and Control 336
PART five Introduction to Case Analysis 365
CHAPTER 12 Suggestions for Case Analysis 366
PART six Cases in Strategic Management 393

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