Ebook Comprehensive Stress Management 14e by Greenberg

Comprehensive Stress Management
14th Edition
Author(s): Jerrold Greenberg
Copyright © 2017
McGraw-Hill Education
PDF 41.86 MB

Table of Content:
Part 1 Scientific Foundations
Chapter 1: What Is Stress?
Chapter 2: Stress Psychophysiology
Chapter 3: Stress and Illness/Disease
Chapter 4: Stress and the College Student
Part 2 General Applications: Life-Situation and Perception Interventions
Chapter 5: Intervention
Chapter 6: Life-Situation Interventions: Intrapersonal
Chapter 7: Life-Situation Interventions: Interpersonal
Chapter 8: Perception Interventions
Chapter 9: Spirituality and Stress
Part 3 General Applications: Relaxation Techniques
Chapter 10: Meditation
Chapter 11: Autogenic Training, Imagery, and Progressive Relaxation
Chapter 12: Other Relaxation Techniques
Part 4 General Applications: Physiological Arousal and Behavior Change Interventions
Chapter 13: Physiological Arousal Interventions
Chapter 14: Strategies for Decreasing Stressful Behaviors
Chapter 15: Diversity and Stress
Part 5 Specific Applications
Chapter 16: Occupational Stress
Chapter 17: Family Stress

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