Ebook Basic Statistics for Business and Economics 9e by Lind, Marchal, Wathen

Basic Statistics for Business and Economics
9th Edition
Author(s) : Douglas Lind • William Marchal • Samuel Wathen
Publisher : McGraw-Hill Education
Copyright: 2019
PDF 31.47 MB

Table of Contents:
1 What Is Statistics?
2 Describing Data: Frequency Tables, Frequency Distribution, and Graphic Presentation
3 Describing Data: Numerical Measures
4 Describing Data: Displaying and Exploring Data
5 A Survey of Probability Concepts
6 Discrete Probability Distributions
7 Continuous Probability Distributions
8 Sampling Methods and the Central Limit Theorem
9 Estimation and Confidence Levels
10 One-Sample Tests of Hypothesis
11 Two-Sample Tests of Hypothesis
12 Analysis of Variance
13 Correlation and Linear Regression
14 Multiple Regression Analysis
15 Nonparametric Methods: Nominal-Level Hypothesis Tests
Appendixes: Data Sets, Tables, Software Commands, Answers

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