Ebook Auditing 9e by Rittenberg, Johnstone, Gramling

Auditing: A Risk-Based Approach to Conducting a Quality Audit
9th Edition
by Karla M. Johnstone • Audrey A. Gramling • Larry E. Rittenberg
Copyright © 2014
South-Western, Cengage Learning
PDF 11.04 MB

Table of contents
CHAPTER 1 Auditing: Integral to the Economy, 2
CHAPTER 2 The Risk of Fraud and Mechanisms to Address Fraud: Regulation, Corporate Governance, and Audit Quality, 32
CHAPTER 3 Internal Control over Financial Reporting: Management’s Responsibilities and Importance to the External Auditors, 72
CHAPTER 4 Professional Liability and the Need for Quality Auditor Judgments and Ethical Decisions, 114
CHAPTER 5 Professional Auditing Standards and the Audit Opinion Formulation Process, 156
CHAPTER 6 A Framework for Audit Evidence, 212
CHAPT E R 7 Planning the Audit: Identifying and Responding to the Risks of Material Misstatement, 266
CHAPTER 8 Specialized Audit Tools: Sampling and Generalized Audit Software, 316
CHAPTER 9 Auditing the Revenue Cycle, 366
CHAPTER 10 Auditing Cash and Marketable Securities, 438
CHAPTER 11 Auditing Inventory, Goods and Services, and Accounts Payable: The Acquisition and Payment Cycle, 500
CHAPTER 12 Auditing Long-Lived Assets: Acquisition, Use, Impairment, and Disposal, 560
CHAPTER 13 Auditing Debt Obligations and Stockholders’ Equity Transactions, 594
CHAPTER 14 Activities Required in Completing a Quality Audit, 620
CHAPTER 15 Audit Reports on Financial Statements, 684
CHAPTER 16 Advanced Topics Concerning Complex Auditing Judgments, 726
CHAPTER 17 Other Services Provided by Audit Firms, 790

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