Ebook Marketing Strategy 5e by Ferrell and Hartline

Marketing Strategy
5th Edition
Author(s) : O.C. Ferrell and Michael D. Hartline
Copyright © 2011
Publisher : South-Western, Cengage Learning
PDF 24.39 MB

Table of contents
PART 1—Setting the Stage for Marketing Strategy
Chapter 1 Marketing in Today’s Economy 1
Chapter 2 Strategic Marketing Planning 30
Chapter 3 Marketing Ethics and Social Responsibility in Strategic Planning 60
PART 2—Discovering Market Opportunities
Chapter 4 Collecting and Analyzing Marketing Information 87
Chapter 5 Developing Competitive Advantage and Strategic Focus 120
PART 3—Developing Marketing Strategy
Chapter 6 Customers, Segmentation, and Target Marketing 152
Chapter 7 Product Strategy 191
Chapter 8 Pricing Strategy 229
Chapter 9 Distribution and Supply Chain Management 263
Chapter 10 Integrated Marketing Communications 291
PART 4—Putting Strategy into Action
Chapter 11 Marketing Implementation and Control 323
Chapter 12 Developing and Maintaining Long-Term Customer Relationships 354

PART 5—Cases
Case 1 Gillette: Product and Marketing Innovation 387
Case 2 Monsanto Balances the Needs and Concerns of Multiple Stakeholders 401
Case 3 NASCAR: A Branding Success 414
Case 4 The Indy Racing League (IRL): Driving for First Place 428
Case 5 Blockbuster Fights for Survival Against Intense Competition 436
Case 6 Sigma Marketing: Innovation in a Changing Environment 447
Case 7 Mattel: Overcoming Marketing and Manufacturing Challenges 457
Case 8 New Belgium Brewing (A): Social Responsibility as a Competitive
Advantage 470
Case 9 New Belgium Brewing (B): Developing a Brand Personality 481
Case 10 IKEA Looks to Further Penetrate the U.S. Market 491
Case 11 USA Today: Innovation and Evolution in a Troubled Industry 501
Case 12 Hottie Hawg’s Smokin’ BBQ Embraces Its Future 518
Case 13 FedEx: Building a Global Distribution Powerhouse 528
Case 14 Mistine: Direct Selling in the Thai Cosmetics Market 541
Case 15 BP Focuses on Sustainability to Repair Its Reputation 549
Case 16 eHarmony (Harvard Case) 559
Case 17 The Home Depot, Inc. (Harvard Case) 585
Case 18 Molson Canada: Social Media Marketing (Ivey Case) 602
Case 19 IMAX: Larger than Life (Ivey Case) 615
Case 20 Best Buy Inc.-Dual Branding in China (Ivey Case) 633
PART 6—Tools for Developing a Marketing Plan
Appendix A: Marketing Plan Worksheets 651
Appendix B: Example Marketing Plan (VirPharm, Inc.) 663

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