Ebook Statistics 13e by McClave and Sincich (Global Edition)

13th Edition (Global Edition)
by James T. McClave •Terry Sincich
Copyright © 2018
Pe*rson Educ*tion / Pr*ntice Hall
PDF 67.25 MB

Table of contents
1. Statistics, Data, and Statistical Thinking
2. Methods for Describing Sets of Data
3. Probability
4. Discrete Random Variables
5. Continuous Random Variables
6. Sampling Distributions
7. Inferences Based on a Single Sample: Estimation with Confidence Intervals
8. Inferences Based on a Single
9. Inferences Based on Two Samples: Confidence Intervals and Tests of Hypotheses
10. Analysis of Variance: Comparing More than Two Means
11. Simple Linear Regression
12. Multiple Regression and Model Building
13. Categorical Data Analysis
14. Nonparametric Statistics

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