Ebook Financial and Managerial Accounting 18e by Williams, Haka, Bettner, Carcello

Financial & Managerial Accounting: 
The Basis For Business Decisions
18th Edition
by Jan R. Williams • Susan F. Haka • Mark S. Bettner • Joseph V. Carcello
Copyright © 2018
McGr*w-Hill Education
PDF 112.36 MB

Table of contents
1 Accounting: Information for Decision Making
2 Basic Financial Statements
3 The Accounting Cycle: Capturing Economic Events
4 The Accounting Cycle: Accruals and Deferrals
5 The Accounting Cycle: Reporting Financial Results
6 Merchandising Activities
7 Financial Assets
8 Inventories and the Cost of Goods Sold
 9 Plant and Intangible Assets
10 Liabilities
11 Stockholders’ Equity: Paid-In Capital
12 Income and Changes in Retained Earnings
13 Statement of Cash Flows
14 Financial Statement Analysis
15 Global Business and Accounting
16 Management Accounting: A Business Partner
17 Job Order Cost Systems and Overhead Allocations
18 Process Costing
19 Costing and The Value Chain
20 Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
21 Incremental Analysis
22 Responsibility Accounting and Transfer Pricing
23 Operational Budgeting
24 Standard Cost Systems
25 Rewarding Business Performance
26 Capital Budgeting

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