Ebook Accounting Information Systems 14e by Romney, Steinbart (Global Edition)

Accounting Information Systems
14th Edition (Global Edition)
by Marshall B. Romney - Paul John Steinbart
Copyright © 2018
Prent*ce Hall / Pe*rson Education

Table of Content:
Part I: Conceptual Foundations of Accounting Information Systems
1. Accounting Information Systems: An Overview
2. Overview of Transaction Processing and Enterprise ­Resource Planning Systems
3. Systems Documentation Techniques
4. Relational Databases
Part II: Control and Audit of Accounting Information Systems
5. Fraud
6. Computer Fraud and Abuse Techniques
7. Control and Accounting Information Systems
8. Controls for Information Security
9. Confidentiality and Privacy Controls
10. Processing Integrity and Availability Controls
11. Auditing Computer-Based Information Systems
Part III: Accounting Information Systems Applications
12. The Revenue Cycle: Sales to Cash Collections
13. The Expenditure Cycle: Purchasing to Cash Disbursements
14. The Production Cycle
15. The Human Resources Management and Payroll Cycle
16. General Ledger and Reporting System
Part IV: The REA Data Model
17. Database Design Using the REA Data Model
18. Implementing an REA Model in a Relational Database
19. Special Topics in REA Modeling
Part V: The Systems Development Process
20. Introduction to Systems Development and Systems Analysis
21. AIS Development Strategies
22. Systems Design, Implementation, and Operation

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