Slide / Powerpoint Global Marketing 2e by Alon, Jaffe, Prange, Vianelli

Global Marketing : Contemporary Theory, Practice, and Cases
2nd Edition
by Ilan Alon, Eugene Jaffe, Christiane Prange, Donata Vianelli
Copyright © 2017 by Routledge

Table of Content:
Part I: Global Marketing Environments
1. Understanding Global Markets and Marketing
2. Assessing the Global Marketing Environment: The Global Economy and Technology
3. Evaluating Cultural and Social Environments
4. Analyzing Political and Legal Environment
5. Integrating Global, Regional, and National Markets

Part II: Global Marketing Functions and Strategies
6. Conducting Marketing Research
7. Entering Global Markets
8. International Market Planning
9. Segmenting, Targeting, and Positioning for Global Markets

Part III: The Four Ps Of Global Marketing
10. Developing Global Products and Brands
11. Setting Global Prices
12. Global Placement and Distribution Channels
13. Launching Global Communication and Advertising

Part IV: New Trends in Global Marketing
14. Using Social Media for Global Marketing
15. Designing and Controlling Global Marketing Systems
16. Defining Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility in the International Market Place

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