Ebook Transportation 9e by Novack, Gibson, Suzuki, Coyle

Transportation: A Global Supply Chain Perspective
9th Edition
Robert A. Novack, Brian Gibson, Yoshinori Suzuki, John J. Coyle
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Table of Content:
Part I.
1. Global Supply Chains: Role and Importance of Transportation
2. Transportation and the Economy.
3. Transportation Technology and Systems.
4. Costing and Pricing for Transportation.
Suggested Readings for Part I.
Part II.
5. Motor Carriers.
6. Railroads.
7. Airlines.
8. Water Carriers and Pipelines.
9. Logistics Services
Suggested Readings for Part II.
Part III.
10. Transportation Risk Management.
11. Global Transportation Management.
12. Transportation Regulation and Public Policy.
13. Issues and Challenges for Global Supply Chains.

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