Ebook Supervision 10e by Newstrom

Supervision : Managing for Results
10th Edition
by John W. Newstrom 
Copyright © 2013 by McGraw-Hill Education

Table of Content:
Part One Supervisory Management
CHAPTER 1 The Supervisor’s Role in Creating a Positive Workplace 1
Part Two Planning and Problem Solving
CHAPTER 2 Setting Goals, Making Plans, and Improving Costs 29
CHAPTER 3 Problem Solving and Managing Information 59
Part Three Organizing, Staffing, and Training
CHAPTER 4 Organizing an Effective Department 88
CHAPTER 5 Staffing with Human Resources 117
CHAPTER 6 Training and Developing Employees 144
Part Four Leading the Workforce
CHAPTER 7 Leadership Skills, Styles, and Qualities 171
CHAPTER 8 Effective Employee Communication 197
Part Five Motivating Employees to Perform
CHAPTER 9 Understanding and Motivating People at Work 226
CHAPTER 10 Counseling and Performance Management 252
Part Six Controlling
CHAPTER 11 Control: Monitoring and Improving Results 282
CHAPTER 12 Appraising Employee Performance 310
Part Seven Contemporary Concerns of Supervision
CHAPTER 13 Managing Groups, Building Teams, and Resolving Conflict s 340
CHAPTER 14 Managing a Diverse Workforce 370
CHAPTER 15 The Supervisor’s Role in Employee Safety and Health, and Labor Relations 400
Part Eight Appendixes
APPENDIX A Overall Self-Assessment and Personal Development Plan 433
APPENDIX B Your Career in Supervision and Management 436

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