Ebook Statistics For The Behavioral Sciences 10e by Gravetter, Wallnau

Statistics for The Behavioral Sciences
10th Edition
Frederick J Gravetter/Larry B. Wallnau
Copyright © 2017 by Cengage Learning

Table of Content:
1. Introduction to Statistics.
2. Frequency Distributions.
3. Central Tendency.
4. Variability.
5. z-Scores: Location of Scores and Standardized Distributions.
6. Probability.
7. Probability and Samples: The Distribution of Sample Means.
8. Introduction to Hypothesis Testing.
9. Introduction to the t Statistic.
10. The t Test for Two Independent Samples.
11. The t Test for Two Related Samples.
12. Introduction to Analysis of Variance.
13. Repeated-Measures Analysis of Variance (ANOVA).
14. Two-Factor Analysis of Variance (Independent Measures).
15. Correlation.
16. Introduction to Regression.
17. The Chi-Square Statistic: Tests for Goodness of Fit and Independence.
18. The Binomial Test.

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