Ebook Research Methods for Business 7e by Sekaran, Bougie

Research Methods for Business : A Skill-Building Approach
7th Edition
by Uma Sekaran - Roger Bougie
Copyright © 2016
John Wiley & Sons
PDF 13.21 MB

Table of Content:
1 Introduction to research
2 The scientific approach and alternative approaches to investigation
3 Defining and refining the problem
4 The critical literature review
5 Theoretical framework and hypothesis development
6 Elements of research design
7 Interviews
8 Data collection methods: Observation
9 Administering questionnaires
10 Experimental designs
11 Measurement of variables: Operational definition
12 Measurement: Scaling, reliability and validity
13 Sampling
14 Quantitative data analysis
15 Quantitative data analysis: Hypothesis testing
16 Qualitative data analysis
17 The research report

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