Ebook The Police in America 9e by Walker, Katz

The Police in America: An Introduction
9th Edition
by Samuel Walker and Charles Katz
Copyright © 2018 by
McGraw-Hill Education

Table of Content:
Part I: Foundations
Chapter 1: Police and Society
Chapter 2: The History of the American Police
Chapter 3: The Contemporary Law Enforcement Industry

Part II: Officers and Organizations
Chapter 4: Police Organizations
Chapter 5: Police Officers I: Entering Police Work
Chapter 6: Police Officers II: On the Job

Part III: Police Work
Chapter 7: Patrol: The Backbone of Policing
Chapter 8: Peacekeeping and Order Maintenance
Chapter 9: The Police and Crime
Chapter 10: Innovations in Police Strategy

Part IV: Issues in Policing
Chapter 11: Police Discretion
Chapter 12: Police-Community Relations
Chapter 13: Police Corruption
Chapter 14: Accountability of the Police

Part V: Challenges for a New Century
Chapter 15: The Future of Policing in America

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