Ebook Philosophy 10e by Moore, Bruder

Philosophy The Power of Ideas 
10th edition
by Brooke Noel Moore and Kenneth Bruder
Copyright © 2019 by McGraw-Hill Education

Table of Content:
CHAPTER 1:  Powerful Ideas
CHAPTER 2:  The Pre-Socratics
CHAPTER 3:  Socrates, Plato
CHAPTER 4:  Aristotle
CHAPTER 5:  Philosophers of the Hellenistic and Christian Eras
CHAPTER 6:  The Rise of Modern Metaphysics and Epistemology
CHAPTER 7:  The Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
CHAPTER 8:  The Continental Tradition
CHAPTER 9:  The Pragmatic and Analytic Traditions
CHAPTER 10:  Moral Philosophy
CHAPTER 11:  Political Philosophy
CHAPTER 12:  Recent Moral and Political Philosophy
CHAPTER 13:  Philosophy and Belief in God
CHAPTER 14:  Feminist Philosophy
CHAPTER 15:  Eastern Influences
CHAPTER 16:  Postcolonial Thought
CHAPTER 17:  Four Philosophical Problems

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