Ebook Pharmacology 7e by Hitner, Nagle

Pharmacology: An Introduction
7th Edition
by Henry Hitner and Barbara Nagle
Copyright © 2016 by McGraw-Hill Education

Table of Content:
Part I General Concepts
1 Introduction to Pharmacology
2 Biological Factors Affecting the Action of Drugs
3 Geriatric Pharmacology
4 Math Review and Dosage Calculations
Part II Pharmacology of the Peripheral Nervous System
5 Autonomic Nervous System
6 Drugs Affecting the Sympathetic Nervous System
7 Drugs Affecting the Parasympathetic Nervous System
8 Drugs Affecting the Autonomic Ganglia
9 Skeletal Muscle Relaxants
10 Local Anesthetics
Part III Pharmacology of the Central Nervous System
11 Introduction to the Central Nervous System
12 Sedative-Hypnotic Drugs and Alcohol
13 Antipsychotic and Antianxiety Drugs
14 Antidepressants, Psychomotor Stimulants, and Lithium
15 Psychotomimetic Drugs of Abuse
16 Antiepileptic Drugs
17 Antiparkinson Drugs
18 General Anesthetics
19 Opioid (Narcotic) Analgesics
20 Nonnarcotic Analgesics Anti-inflammatory, and Antigout Drugs
Part IV Pharmacology of the Heart
21 Cardiac Glycosides and the Treatment of Congestive Heart Failure
22 Antiarrhythmic Drugs
23 Antianginal Drugs
Part V Pharmacology of the Vascular and Renal Systems
24 Diuretics
25 Antihypertensive Drugs
26 Anticoagulants and Coagulants
27 Nutrition and Therapy
28 Hypolipidemic Drugs
29 Antianemic
Part VI Drugs that Affect the Respiratory System
30 Antiallergic and Antihistaminic Drugs
31 Bronchodilator Drugs and the Treatment of Asthma
Part VII Pharmacology of the GI Tract
32 Therapy of Gastrointestinal Disorders: GERD, Ulcers, and Vomiting
33 Agents that Affect Intestinal Motility
Part VIII Pharmacology of the Endocrine System
34 Introduction to the Endocrine System
35 Introduction to the Endocrine System & Adrenal Steroids
36 Gonadal Hormones and the Oral Contraceptives
37 Drugs Affecting the Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands and Bone Degeneration
38 Pancreatic Hormones and Antidiabetic Drugs
39 Posterior Pituitary Hormones and Drugs Affecting Uterine Muscle
Part IX Pharmacology of Infectious Diseases
40 Antibacterial Agents
42 Antifungal and Antiviral (AIDS) Drugs
43 Antiprotozoal and Anthelmintic Drugs
44 Antiseptics and Disinfectants
Part X Antineoplastics and Drugs Affecting the Immune System
45 Antineoplastic Agents
46 Immunopharmacology

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