Ebook Organizational Behavior 1e by Kinicki, Fugate

Organizational Behavior: A Practical, Problem-Solving Approach
1st Edition
By Angelo Kinicki and Mel Fugate
Copyright © 2016
McGraw-Hill Education

Table of Content:
1. Making OB Work for You: What is OB and Why It’s Important?
2. Values and Work Attitudes: How Do They Affect Work-Related Outcomes?
3. Individual Differences and Emotions: Why Does Who You Are Affect Your Performance?
4. Social Perception and Managing Diversity: Why Are These Topics Essential for Success?
5. Foundation of Employee Motivation: How Can Managers Apply Motivation Theories?
6. Performance Management: How Can You Use Goals, Feedback, Rewards, and Positive Reinforcement to Boost Effectiveness?
7. Positive OB: How Can I Flourish at School, Work, and Home?
8. Groups and Teams: How Can Working with Others Increases Everybody’s Performance?
9. Communication in the Digital Age: How Can I Become a More Effective Communicator?
10. Managing Conflict and Negotiations: How Can These Skills Give You an Ad-vantage?
11. Decision Making and Creativity: How Critical Is It to Master These Skills?
12. Power, Influence, and Politics: How Can You Apply These to Increase Your Effectiveness?
13. Leadership Effectiveness: What Does It Take to Be Effective?
14. Organizational Culture, Socialization, and Mentoring: How Can I Use These Concepts for Competitive Advantage?
15. Organizational Design, Effectiveness, and Innovation: What Can I Do to Affect these Key Processes and Outcomes?
16. Managing Change and Stress: How Can You Apply OB and Show What You’ve Learned?

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