Ebook Modern Management 14e by Certo, Certo

Modern Management: Concepts and Skills
14th Edition
Samuel C. Certo - S. Trevis Certo
Copyright © 2016
Pe*rson Edu*ation / Pr*ntice Hall

Table of Content:
1. Introducing Modern Management: Concepts and Skills
2. Managers, Society, and Sustainability
3. Management and Diversity
4. Managing in the Global Arena
5. Plans and Planning Tools
6. Making Decisions
7. Strategic Planning: Strategies, Tactics, and Competitive Dynamics
8. Fundamentals of Organizing
9. Responsibility, Authority, and Delegation
10. Human Resource Management
11. Stress, Conflict, and Virtuality
12. Influencing and Communication
13. Leadership
14. Motivation
15. Groups and Teams
16. Managing Organization Culture
17. Controlling, Information, and Technology
18. Production and Control

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