Ebook Marketing Management 2e by Marshall, Johnston

Marketing Management
2nd Edition
By Greg Marshall and Mark Johnston
Copyright © 2015 by McGraw-Hill Education

Table of Content:
PART ONE: Discover Marketing Management
Chapter 1: Marketing in Today's Business Milieu
Chapter 2: Elements of Marketing Strategy, Planning, and Competition
PART TWO: Use Information to Drive Marketing Decisions
Chapter 3: Managing Marketing Information
Chapter 4: Understand Customers: Business-to-Consumer Markets
Chapter 5: Understand Business-to-Business Markets
Chapter 6: Segmentation, Target Marketing, Positioning, and CRM
PART THREE: Develop the Value Offering - The Product Experience
Chapter 7: Product Strategy and New Product Development
Chapter 8: Build the Brand
Chapter 9: Service as the Core Offering
PART FOUR: Price and Deliver the Value Offering
Chapter 10: Manage Pricing Decisions
Chapter 11: Manage Marketing Channels and Points of Customer Interface
PART FIVE: Communicate the Value Offering to Customers
Chapter 12: Promotion Strategy and New Media
Chapter 13: Advertising, Sales Promotion, and Public Relations
Chapter 14: Personal Selling and Direct Marketing
PART SIX: Bring It All Together - Global and Performance Dimensions
Chapter 15: Understand the Global Marketplace: Marketing Without Borders
Chapter 16: The Marketing Dashboard: Metrics for Measuring Marketing Performance

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