Ebook Marketing Management 14e Kotler, Keller

Marketing Management
14th Edition
Philip T. Kotler - Kevin Lane Keller
Copyright ©2012
Pear*on E*ucation / Pre*tice Hall

Table of Content:
Part 1: Understanding Marketing Management
Chapter 1. Defining Marketing for the 21st Century
Chapter 2. Developing Marketing Strategies and Plans

Part 2: Capturing Marketing Insights
Chapter 3. Gathering Information and Scanning the Environment
Chapter 4. Conducting Marketing Research and Forecasting on Demand

Part 3: Connecting with Customers
Chapter 5. Creating Long-term Loyalty Relationships
Chapter 6. Analyzing Consumer Markets
Chapter 7. Analyzing Business Markets

Chapter 8. Identifying Market Segments and Targets
Part 4: Building Strong Brands
Chapter 9. Creating Brand Equity
Chapter 10. Crafting the Brand Position
Chapter 11. Competitive Dynamics

Part 5: Shaping the Market
Chapter 12. Setting Product Strategy
Chapter 13. Designing and Managing Services
Chapter 14. Developing Pricing Strategies and Programs

Part 6: Delivering Value
Chapter 15. Designing and Managing Integrated Marketing
Chapter 16. Managing Retailing, Wholesaling, and Logistics

Part 7: Communicating Value
Chapter 17. Designing and Managing Integrated Marketing Communications
Chapter 18. Managing Mass Communications: Advertising, Sales Promotions, Events and Experiences, and Public Relations
Chapter 19. Managing Personal Communications: Direct and Interactive Marketing, Word of Mouth, and Personal Selling

Part 8: Creating Successful Long-Term Growth
Chapter 20. Introducing New Marketing Offerings
Chapter 21. Tapping into Global Markets
Chapter 22. Managing a Holistic Marketing Organization

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