Ebook Managerial Economics For Dummies by Graham

Managerial Economics for Dummies
1st Edition
by Robert Graham 
Copyright © 2013
John Wiley & Sons, Inc

Table of Content:
Part I: The Nature of Managerial Economics
Chapter 1: Managerial Economics: Taking Care of Business
Chapter 2: Supply and Demand: You Have What Consumers Want
Chapter 3: Calculus, Optimization, and You

Part II: Considering What Side You’re On in the Decision-Making Process
Chapter 4: Using the Elasticity Shortcut
Chapter 5: Consumer Behavior: A Market for Anything?
Chapter 6: Production Magic: Pulling a Rabbit Out of the Hat
Chapter 7: Innovation and Technological Change: The Future Is Now
Chapter 8: Production Costs: Where Less Is More

Part III: Recognizing Rivals: Market Structures
and the Decision-Making Environment
Chapter 9: Limited Decision-Making in Perfect Competition
Chapter 10: Monopoly: Decision-Making Without Rivals
Chapter 11: Oligopoly: I Need You
Chapter 12: Game Theory: Fun Only if You Win
Chapter 13: Monopolistic Competition: Competitors, Competitors Everywhere
Chapter 14: Increasing Revenue with Advanced Pricing Strategies

Part IV: Anticipating Surprises: Risk and Uncertainty
Chapter 15: Risk Analysis: Walking Through the Fog
Chapter 16: Using Capital Budgeting to Prepare for the Future
Chapter 17: Principal–Agent Issues and Adverse Selection: Can Everyone Agree?
Chapter 18: Rules, Rules Everywhere: Government and Managerial Decision-Making

Part V: The Part of Tens
Chapter 19: Ten Critical Concepts
Chapter 20: Ten Managerial Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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