Ebook Macroeconomics 2e by Hubbard, O'Brien, Rafferty

2nd Edition
R. Glenn Hubbard - Anthony Patrick O'Brien - Matthew P. Rafferty
ISBN-10: 0132992795 • ISBN-13: 9780132992794
©2014 • Pe*rson Edu*ation / Pr*ntice Hall

Table of Content:
1. The Long and Short of Macroeconomics
2. Measuring the Macroeconomy
3. The U.S. Financial System
4. The Global Financial System
5. The Standard of Living over Time and Across Countries
6. Long-Run Economic Growth
7. Money and Inflation
8. The Labor Market
9. Business Cycles
10. Explaining Aggregate Demand: The IS—MP Model
11. The IS—MP Model: Adding Inflation and the Open Economy
12. Monetary Policy in the Short Run
13. Fiscal Policy in the Short Run
14. Aggregate Demand, Aggregate Supply, and Monetary Policy
15. Fiscal Policy and the Government Budget in the Long Run
16. Consumption and Investment

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