Ebook Integrated Advertising, Promotion and Marketing Communications 8e by Clow, Baack (Global Edition)

Integrated Advertising, Promotion and Marketing Communications
8th Global Edition
by Kenneth E. Clow and Donald E Baack
Copyright © 2018
Pe*rson Edu*ation / Pr*ntice Hall

Table of Content:
Part I: The IMC Foundation
1. Integrated Marketing Communications
2. Brand Management
3. Buyer Behaviors
4. The IMC Planning Process
Part II: IMC Advertising Tools
5. Advertising Campaign Management
6. Advertising Design
7. Traditional Media Channels
Part III: Digital and Alternative Marketing
8. Digital Marketing
9. Social Media
10. Alternative Marketing
Part IV: IMC Promotional Tools
11. Database and Direct Response Marketing and Personal Selling
12. Sales Promotions
13. Public Relations and Sponsorship Programs
Part V: IMC Ethics, Regulation, and Evaluation
14. Relations and Ethical Concerns
15. Evaluating an Integrated Marketing Program  

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