Ebook Foundations of Financial Management 16e by Block, Hirt, Danielsen

Foundations of Financial Management
16th Edition
by Stanley Block and Geoffrey Hirt and Bartley Danielsen 
Copyright © 2017
McGraw-Hill Education
PDF 21.72 MB 

Table of Content:
Part 1. Introduction
1. The Goals and Activities of Financial Management
Part 2. Financial Analysis and Planning
2. Review of Accounting
3. Financial Analysis
4. Financial Forecasting
5. Operating and Financial Leverage
Part 3. Working Capital Management
6. Working Capital and the Financing Decision
7. Current Asset Management
8. Sources of Short-Term Financing
Part 4. The Capital Budgeting Process
9. The Time Value of Money
10. Valuation and Rates of Return
11. Cost of Capital
12. The Capital Budgeting Decision
13. Risk and Capital Budgeting
Part 5. Long-Term Financing
14. Capital Markets
15. Investment Banking: Public and Private Placement
16. Long-Term Debt and Lease Financing
17. Common and Preferred Stock Financing
18. Dividend Policy and Retained Earnings
19. Convertibles, Warrants and Derivatives
Part 6. Expanding the Perspective of Corporate Finance
20. External Growth through Mergers
21. International Financial Management

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