Ebook Elementary and Intermediate Algebra 4e by Dugopolski

Elementary and Intermediate Algebra
4th Edition
by Mark Dugopolski
Copyright © 2012
McGraw-Hill Education

Table of Content:
1 Real Numbers and Their Properties
2 Linear Equations and Inequalities in One Variable
3 Linear Equations and Inequalities in Two Variables
4 Exponents and Polynomials
5 Factoring
6 Rational Expressions
7 Systems of Linear Equations
8 More on Inequalities
9 Radicals and Rational Exponents
10 Quadratic Equations and Inequalities
11 Functions
12 Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
13 Nonlinear Systems and the Conic Sections
14 Sequences and Series (Available online at www.mhhe.com/dugopolski)

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