Ebook Drugs in Perspective 9e by Fields

Drugs in Perspective: Causes, Assessment, Family, Prevention, Intervention, and Treatment
9th Edition
by Richard Fields
Copyright © 2017 by McGraw-Hill Education

Table of Content:
Section I: Understanding Substance Abuse
1. Putting Drugs in Perspective
2. Why People Use and Abuse Drugs and Alcohol
3. Drug-Specific Information
4. Assessment of Substance Abuse, Dependence, and Addiction
Section II: Family
5. Substance Abuse and Family Systems
6. Parents and Family: At-Risk Factors for Substance Abuse
7. Growing Up in an Alcoholic Family System
Section III: Motivation, Intervention, Co-occuring Disorders, Prevention, Recovery, and Relapse Prevention
8. Motivation and Change
9. Intervention
10. Prevention of Substance Abuse Problems
11. Disorders Co-occurring with Substance Abuse
12. Alcohol/Drug Recovery, Co-occurring Disorders, Suicide and Alcohol/Drugs
13. The Problem of Relapse: Relapse Prevention (RP)

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