Ebook Communication Theory 10e by Griffin, Ledbetter, Sparks

A First Look at Communication Theory
10th Edition
by Em Griffin and Andrew Ledbetter and Glenn Sparks
Copyright: 2019 by McGraw-Hill Education

Table of Content:
CHAPTER 1:  Launching Your Study of Communication Theory
CHAPTER 2:  Talk About Theory
CHAPTER 3:  Weighing the Words
CHAPTER 4:  Mapping the Territory (Seven Traditions in the Field of Communication Theory)
CHAPTER 5:  Symbolic Interactionism of George Herbert Mead
CHAPTER 6:  Coordinated Management of Meaning (CMM) of W. Barnett Pearce & Vernon Cronen
CHAPTER 7:  Expectancy Violations Theory of Judee Burgoon
CHAPTER 8:  Social Penetration Theory of Irwin Altman & Dalmas Taylor
CHAPTER 9:  Uncertainty Reduction Theory of Charles Berger
CHAPTER 10:  Social Information Processing Theory of Joseph Walther
CHAPTER 11:  Relational Dialectics of Leslie Baxter & Barbara Montgomery
CHAPTER 12:  Communication Privacy Management Theory of Sandra Petronio
CHAPTER 13:  Media Multiplexity Theory of Caroline Hawthornthwaite
CHAPTER 14:  Social Judgment Theory of Muzafer Sherif
CHAPTER 15:  Elaboration Likelihood Model of Richard Petty & John Cacioppo
CHAPTER 16:  Cognitive Dissonance Theory of Leon Festinger
CHAPTER 17:  Functional Perspective on Group Decision Making of Randy Hirokawa & Dennis Gouran
CHAPTER 18:  Symbolic Convergence Theory of Ernest Bormann
CHAPTER 19:  Cultural Approach to Organizations of Clifford Geertz & Michael Pacanowsky
CHAPTER 20:  Communicative Constitution of Organizations of Robert McPhee
CHAPTER 21:  Critical Theory of Communication in Organizations of Stanley Deetz
CHAPTER 22:  The Rhetoric of Aristotle
CHAPTER 23:  Dramatism of Kenneth Burke
CHAPTER 24:  Narrative Paradigm of Walter Fisher
CHAPTER 25:  Media Ecology of Marshall McLuhan
CHAPTER 26:  Semiotics of Roland Barthes
CHAPTER 27:  Cultural Studies of Stuart Hall
CHAPTER 28:  Uses and Gratifications of Elihu Katz
CHAPTER 29:  Cultivation Theory of George Gerbner
CHAPTER 30:  Agenda-Setting Theory of Maxwell McCombs & Donald Shaw
CHAPTER 31:  Genderlect Styles of Deborah Tannen
CHAPTER 32:  Standpoint Theory of Sandra Harding & Julia Wood
CHAPTER 33:  Muted Group Theory of Cheris Kramarae
CHAPTER 34:  Communication Accommodation Theory of Howard Giles
CHAPTER 35:  Face-Negotiation Theory of Stella Ting-Toomey
CHAPTER 36:  Co-Cultural Theory of Mark Orbe
CHAPTER 37:  Common Threads in Comm Theories

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