Ebook Auditing and Assurance Services 7e by Louwers, Blay, Sinason, Strawser, Thibodeau

Auditing & Assurance Services
7th Edition
by Timothy Louwers - Allen Blay - David Sinason - Jerry Strawser - Jay Thibodeau
Copyright © 2018 by McGraw-Hill Education

Table of Content:
Part ONE: The Contemporary Auditing Environment
1. Auditing and Assurance Services 1
2. Professional Standards 40

PART TWO: The Financial Statement Audit
3. Engagement Planning 75
4. Management Fraud and Audit Risk 117
5. Risk Assessment: Internal Control Evaluation 173
6. Employee Fraud and the Audit of Cash 227
7. Revenue and Collection Cycle 279
8. Acquisition and Expenditure Cycle 336
9. Production Cycle 394
10. Finance and Investment Cycle 443
11. Completing the Audit 500
12. Reports on Audited Financial Statements  540

PART THREE Stand-Alone Modules
A. Other Public Accounting Services 583
B. Professional Ethics 628
C. Legal Liability 676
D. Internal Audits, Governmental Audits, and Fraud Examinations 720
E. Overview of Sampling 762
F. Attributes Sampling 795
G. Variables Sampling 835
H. Auditing and Information Technology 883

Andersen: An Obstruction of Justice? C1
PTL Club—The Harbinger of Things to Come? C5
GM: Running on Empty? C11
Unhealthy Accounting at HealthSouth C14
KPMG: How Many Firms? C17
Something Went Sour at Parmalat C20
GE: How Much Are Auditors Paid? C23
Satyam Computer Services Ltd.—India’s Enron C26
Auditor Changes at Daily Journal Corporation C30
London Has Fallen C33
Lehman Brothers: Subprime Accounting? C34
Bernard L. Madoff: The Fraud of the Century C37
When the Music Stops: Crazy Eddie’s C40

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