Ebook Research Method 12e by Christensen, Johnson, Turner

Research Methods, Design, and Analysis
12th Edition
Larry B. Christensen | R. Burke Johnson | Lisa A. Turner
©2014 | Pearson Education

Table of Content:
PART I:          Introduction
Chapter 1:     Introduction to Scientific Research
Chapter 2:     Research Approaches and Methods of Data Collection

PART II:         Planning the Research Study
Chapter 3:     Problem Identification and Hypothesis Formation
Chapter 4:     Ethics

PART III:       Foundations of Research
Chapter 5:     Measuring Variables and Sampling
Chapter 6:     Research Validity

PART IV:        Experimental Methods
Chapter 7:     Control Techniques in Experimental Research
Chapter 8:     Experimental Research Design
Chapter 9:     Procedure for Conducting an Experiment
Chapter 10:   Quasi-Experimental Designs
Chapter 11:   Single-Case Research Designs

PART V:          Survey, Qualitative, and Mixed Methods Research
Chapter 12:   Survey Research
Chapter 13:   Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research

PART VI:        Analyzing and Interpreting Data
Chapter 14:   Descriptive Statistics
Chapter 15:   Inferential Statistics

PART VII:      Writing the Research Report
Chapter 16:   Preparing the Research Report for Presentation or Publication

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