Ebook Managerial Economics 7e by Keat, Young, Erfle

Managerial Economics
7th Edition
by Paul Keat | Philip K Young | Steve Erfle
©2014 | Pearson Education

Table of Content:
1. Introduction
2.  The firm and Its Goals
3A.  Supply and Demand
Appendix 3.  The Mathematics of Supply and Demand
4.  Demand Elasticity
Appendix 4.  Applications of Supply and Demand
5.  Demand Estimation and Forecasting
6.  The Theory and Estimation of Production
Appendix 6A.  The Production of Services
Appendix 6B.  The Multiple-Input Case
Appendix 6C.  Expressing the Production Function with the Use of Calculus
7.  The Theory and Estimation of Cost
Appendix 7A.  A Mathematical Restatement of the Short-Run Cost Function
Appendix 7B.  The Estimation of Cost
8.  Pricing and Output Decisions: Perfect Competition and Monopoly
Appendix 8A.  The Use of Calculus in Pricing and Output Decisions
Appendix 8B.  Break-Even Analysis (Volume-Cost-Profit)
9.  Pricing and Output Decision: Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly
10.  Special Pricing Practices
11.  Game Theory and Asymmetric Information
12.  Capital Budgeting and Risk
Appendix 12A.  The Value of A Corporation
13.  The Multinational Corporation and Globalization
14.  Government and Industry: Challenges and Opportunities for Today’s Manager
15.  Managerial Economics in Action
Part 1.  Beverage Industry Survey
Part 2.  The Business Planning Process
Appendix 15A. Beverage Industry Executives
Appendix A.  Statistical and Financial Tables

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