Ebook Introduction to Operations and Supply Chain Management 4e by Bozarth, Handfield

Introduction to Operations and Supply Chain Management 
4th Edition
Cecil B. Bozarth | Robert B. Handfield
©2016 | Pearson Education

Table of Content:
Part I Creating Value Through Operations
1 Introduction to Operations and Supply Chain Management
2 Operations and Supply Chain Strategies

Part II Establishing the Operations Environment
3 Process Choice and Layout Decisions in Manufacturing and Services
4 Business Processes
5 Managing Quality
6 Managing Capacity
6S Advanced Waiting Line Theory and Simulation Modeling

Part III Establishing Supply Chain Linkages
7 Supply Management
8 Logistics

Part IV Planning and Controlling Operations and Supply Chains 1 and Supply Chains
9 Forecasting
10 Sales and Operations Planning (Aggregate Planning)
11 Managing Inventory throughout the Supply Chain
12 Managing Production across the Supply Chain
12S Supply Chain Information Systems
13 JIT/Lean Production

Part V Project Management and Product/Service
14 Managing Projects
15 Developing Products and Services 

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