Ebook International Business 1e by Geringer, McNett, Minor, Ball

International Business
1st Edition
by Michael Geringer and Jeanne McNett and Michael Minor and Donald Ball
Copyright © 2016 by McGraw-Hill Education

Table of Content:
Module 1 The Challenging Context of International Business
Module 2 International Trade and Investment
Module 3 Sociocultural Forces
Module 4 Sustainability and Natural Resources
Module 5 Political Forces That Affect Global Trade
Module 6 Intellectual Property Rights and Other Legal Forces
Module 7 Economic and Socioeconomic Forces
Module 8 The International Monetary System and Financial Forces
Module 9 International Competitive Strategy
Module 10 Organizational Design and Control
Module 11 Global Leadership Issues and Practices
Module 12 International Markets: Assessment and Entry Modes
Module 13 Marketing Internationally
Module 14 Managing Human Resources in an International Context
Module 15 International Accounting and Financial Management
Bonus Module A International Institutions from a Business Perspective
Bonus Module B Export and Import Practices
Bonus Module C Global Operations and Supply Chain Management

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