Ebook International Accounting 4e by Doupnik, Perera

International Accounting
4th Edition
By Timothy Doupnik and Hector Perera
McGraw Hill Education
ISBN13: 9780077862206
Copyright: 2015

Table of Content:
Chapter 1 Introduction to International Accounting
Chapter 2 Worldwide Accounting Diversity
Chapter 3 International Convergence of Financial Reporting
Chapter 4 International Financial Reporting Standards: Part I
Chapter 5 International Financial Reporting Standards: Part II
Chapter 6 Comparative Accounting
Chapter 7 Foreign Currency Transactions and Hedging Foreign Exchange Risk
Chapter 8 Translation of Foreign Currency Financial Statements
Chapter 9 Additional Financial Reporting Issues
Chapter 10 Analysis of Foreign Financial Statements
Chapter 11 International Taxation
Chapter 12 International Transfer Pricing
Chapter 13 Strategic Accounting Issues in Multinational Corporations
Chapter 14 Comparative International Auditing and Corporate Governance
Chapter 15 International Corporate Social Reporting

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