Ebook Classroom Assessment for Teachers 1e by Witte

Classroom Assessment for Teachers
1st Edition
by Raymond H. Witte
Copyright © 2012 by McGraw-Hill Education

Table of Content:
Chapter 1: Teaching, Learning, and Assessment
Chapter 2: Elements of the Instruction-Learning-Assessment Model
Chapter 3: Academic Standards and Evidence of Student Learning
Chapter 4: Validity, Reliability, and Avoiding Assessment Bias
Chapter 5: Formative Assessment: Guiding Student Learning
http://ceesty.com/w3tsHl Chapter 7: Self-Assessment and Progress Monitoring
Chapter 8: Summative Assessment: Confirming Student Achievement
Chapter 9: Grading and Student Evaluation
Chapter 10: Statistics in the Classroom
Chapter 11: Standardized Tests and High Stakes Testing
Chapter 12: Assessment of Students with Identified Learning Needs
Chapter 13: Classroom Assessment and Response to Intervention (RTI)
Chapter 14: Affective Assessment
Chapter 15: Getting Started on the Assessment Path

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