Ebook Business Statistics 2e by Jaggia, Kelly

Business Statistics: Communicating with Numbers
2nd Edition
by Sanjiv Jaggia and Alison Kelly
McGraw Hill Education
Copyright: 2016 

Table of Content:
Part I Introduction
Chapter 1 Statistics and Data

Part II Descriptive Statistics
Chapter 2 Tabular and Graphical Methods
Chapter 3 Numerical Descriptive Measures

Part III Probability Concepts
Chapter 4 Basic Probability Concepts
Chapter 5 Discrete Probability Distributions
Chapter 6 Continuous Probability Distributions

Part IV Basic Inference
Chapter 7 Sampling and Sampling Distributions
Chapter 8 Interval Estimation
Chapter 9 Hypothesis Testing
Chapter 10 Statistical Inference Concerning Two Populations
Chapter 11 Statistical Inference Concerning Variance

Part V Advanced Inference
Chapter 12 Chi-Square Tests
Chapter 13 Analysis of Variance
Chapter 14 Regression Analysis
Chapter 15 Inference with Regression Models
Chapter 16 Regression Models for Nonlinear Relationships
Chapter 17 Regression Models with Dummy Variables

Part VI Supplementary Topics
Chapter 18 Time Series and Forecasting
Chapter 19 Returns, Index Numbers and Inflation
Chapter 20 Nonparametric Tests

Part VII Appendices
Appendix A Statistical Tables
Appendix B Solutions to Even-Numbered Exercises
Appendix C Glossary

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