Ebook Business and Administrative Communication 11e by Locker, Kienzler

Business and Administrative Communication
11th Edition
by Kitty Locker / Donna Kienzler
Copyright © 2015 by McGraw-Hill Education

Table of Content:
Part One: The Building Blocks of Effective Messages
Chapter 1: Succeeding in Business Communication
Chapter 2: Adapting Your Message to Your Audience
Chapter 3: Building Goodwill
Chapter 4: Navigating the Business Communication Environment

Part Two: The Communication Process
Chapter 5: Planning, Composing, and Revising
Chapter 6: Designing Documents
Chapter 7: Communicating across Cultures
Chapter 8: Working and Writing in Teams

Part Three: Basic Business Messages
Chapter 9: Sharing Informative and Positive Messages with Appropriate Technology
Chapter 10: Delivering Negative Messages
Chapter 11: Crafting Persuasive Messages

Part Four: The Job Hunt
Chapter 12: Building Resumes
Chapter 13: Writing Job Application Letters
Chapter 14: Interviewing, Writing Follow-Up Messages, and Succeeding in the Job

Part Five: Proposals and Reports
Chapter 15: Planning and Researching Proposals and Reports
Chapter 16: Creating Visuals and Data Displays
Chapter 17: Writing Proposals and Progress Reports
Chapter 18: Analysing Information and Writing Reports
Chapter 19: Making Oral Presentations

Appendix A: Formatting Letters, Memos, and E-Mail Messages
Appendix B: Writing Correctly
Appendix C: Citing and Documenting Sources

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