Ebook Money, Banking, and the Financial System 3e by Hubbard, O'Brien

Money, Banking, and the Financial System
3rd Edition
by R. Glenn Hubbard, Anthony Patrick O'Brien
Published by Pearson Education
Copyright © 2018

Help readers master the modern landscape of money, banking, and the financial system
Money, Banking, and The Financial System, 3rd Edition, gets readers excited about the extremely important topics of money, banking, and financial markets. In the past 10 years, virtually every aspect of how money is borrowed and lent, how banks and financial firms operate, and how policymakers regulate the financial system has changed. This text arms readers with the the most up-to-date coverage of events to grasp these changes and navigate the current monetary and financial system.

Table of Content:
Part 1: Foundations
1. Introducing Money and the Financial System
2. Money and the Payments System
3. Interest Rates and Rates of Return
4. Determining Interest Rates

Part 2: Financial Markets
5.  The Risk Structure and Term Structure of Interest Rates
6. The Stock Market, Information, and Financial Market Efficiency
7. Derivatives and Derivative Markets
8. The Market for Foreign Exchange

Part 3: Financial Institutions
9. Transactions Costs, Asymmetric Information, and the Structure of the Financial System
10. The Economics of Banking
11. Beyond Commercial Banks: Shadow Banks and Nonbank Financial Institutions
12. Financial Crises and Financial Regulation

Part 4: Monetary Policy
13. The Federal Reserve and Central Banking
14. The Federal Reserve’s Balance Sheet and the Money Supply Process
15. Monetary Policy
16. The International Financial System and Monetary Policy

Part 5: The Financial System and the Macroeconomy
17. Monetary Theory I: The Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply Model
18. Monetary Theory II: The IS—MP Model

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