Ebook Modern Database Management 12e by Hoffer, Venkataraman, Topi (Global Edition)

Modern Database Management
Global Edition, 12/E
Ramesh Venkataraman • Jeff Hoffer • Heikki Topi
©2017 • Pearson Education

Table of Content:
I. The Context of Database Management 
1. The Database Environment and Development Process 
II. Database Analysis 
2. Modeling Data in the Organization 
3. The Enhanced E-R Model 

III. Database Design 
4. Logical Database Design and the Relational Model 
5. Physical Database Design and Performance 
IV. Implementation 
6. Introduction to SQL 
7. Advanced SQL 
8. Database Application Development 
9. Data Warehousing 

V. Advanced Database Topics 
10. Data Quality and Integration 
11. Big Data and Analytics 
12. Data and Database Administration

Online Chapters
13. Distributed Databases
14. Object-Oriented Data Modeling

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