Ebook Introduction to Banking 2e by Casu, Girardone, Molyneux

Introduction to Banking
2nd edition
by Claudia Girardone, Barbara Casu, Philip Molyneux
ISBN-10: 0273718134 • ISBN-13: 9780273718130
©2015 • Pearson Education

Table of Content:
Part 1 Introduction to banking
Chapter 1 What is special about banks?
Chapter 2 Bank activities and services
Chapter 3 Types of banking
Chapter 4 International banking
Part 2 Central banking and bank regulation
Chapter 5 Theory of central banking
Chapter 6 Central banks in practice
Chapter 7 Bank regulation and supervision
Chapter 8 Bank failures and banking crises
Part 3  Issues in bank management
Chapter 9 Banks’ balance sheet and income structure
Chapter 10 Bank financial management
Chapter 11 Banking risks
Chapter 12 Bank risk management
Part 4 : Comparative banking markets
Chapter 13 Banking in the UK
Chapter 14 Banking in Europe
Chapter 15 Banking in the US
Chapter 16 Banking in Japan
Chapter 17 Banking in emerging markets
Part 5: Advanced topics in banking
Chapter 18 Banks and markets
Chapter 19 Mergers and acquisitions
Chapter 20 Bank competition and financial stability
Appendix A1 Interest rates, bonds and yields
Appendix A2 Introduction to portfolio theory

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