Ebook Criminology 7e by Barkan

Criminology: A Sociological Understanding
7th Edition
Steven E Barkan
©2018 | Pearson Education

Table of Content:
PART 1: Understanding Crime and Victimization
1. Criminology and the Sociological Perspective
2. Public Opinion, the News Media, and the Crime Problem
3. The Measurement and Patterning of Criminal Behavior
4.  Victims and Victimization
PART 2: Explaining Crime
5. Classical and Neoclassical Perspectives
6. Biological and Psychological Explanations
7. Sociological Theories: Emphasis on Social Structure
8. Sociological Theories: Emphasis on Social Process
9.  Sociological Theories: Critical Perspectives
PART 3: Criminal Behaviors
10. Violent Crime: Homicide, Assault, and Robbery
11. Violence Against Women
12. Property Crime and Fraud
13. White-Collar and Organized Crime
14. Political Crime
PART 4: Controlling and Preventing Crime
15. Consensual Crime
16. Policing: Dilemmas of Crime Control in a Democratic Society
17. Prosecution and Punishment
18. Conclusion: How Can We Reduce Crime?

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