Ebook Classroom Assessment 7e by McMillan

Classroom Assessment: Principles and Practice that Enhance Student Learning and Motivation.,
7th Edition
James H. McMillan
©2016 | Pe*rson Education

Table of Content:
Chapter 1.  The Role of Assessment in Teaching and Learning
Chapter 2.  Standards and Cognitive Learning Targets
Chapter 3.  High-Quality Classroom Assessment
Chapter 4.  Embedded Formative Assessment
Chapter 5.  Summative-Based Formative Assessment
Chapter 6.  Summative Assessment I: Planning and Implementing Classroom Tests
Chapter 7.  Summative Assessment II: Using Standards-Based and Standardized Tests
Chapter 8.  Selected-Response Assessment: Multiple-Choice, Binary-Choice, and Matching Items
Chapter 9.  Constructed-Response Assessment: Completion, Short-Answer, and Essay Items
Chapter 10.  Performance Assessment
Chapter 11.  Assessing “Noncognitive” Dispositions and Traits
Chapter 12.  Assessing Students with Special Needs
Chapter 13.  Assessing Culturally and Linguistically Different Students
Chapter 14.  Grading and Reporting Student Performance

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