Ebook Business Statistics 9e by Groebner, Shannon, Fry

Business Statistics : A Decision-Making Approach
9th Edition
by David F. Groebner - Patrick W. Shannon - Phillip C. Fry
Copyright © 2014
Pe*rson Ed*cation / Prentice Hall

Table of Content:
1. The Where, Why, and How of Data Collection
2. Graphs, Charts, and Tables - Describing Your Data
3. Describing Data Using Numerical Measures
4. Special Review Section I
5. Introduction to Probability
6. Discrete Probability Distributions
7. Introduction to Continuous Probability Distributions
8. Introduction to Sampling Distributions
9. Estimating Single Population Parameters
10. Introduction to Hypothesis Testing
11. Estimation and Hypothesis Testing for Two Population Parameters
12. Hypothesis Tests and Estimation for Population Variances
13. Analysis of Variance
14. Special Review Section II
15. Goodness-of-Fit Tests and Contingency Analysis
16. Introduction to Linear Regression and Correlation Analysis
17. Multiple Regression Analysis and Model Building
18. Analyzing and Forecasting Time-Series Data
19. Introduction to Nonparametric Statistics
20. Introduction to Quality and Statistical Process Control
David F. Groebner/Patrick W. Shannon/Phillip C. Fry/Kent D. Smith

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