Ebook Business Data Networks and Security 10e by Panko, Panko (Global Edition)

Business Data Networks and Security
Global Edition, 10/E
Julia Panko • Raymond R. Panko
ISBN-10: 1292075414 • ISBN-13: 9781292075419
©2016 • P*arson Educ*tion

Table of Content:
Chapter 1: Welcome to the Cloud
1a: Hands On: A Few Internet Tools
1b: Design Exercise: A Small Home Network
Chapter 2: Network Standards
2a: Wireshark
Chapter 3: Network Security
Chapter 4: Network and Security Management
Chapter 5: Ethernet (802.3) Switched LANs
5a: Hands-On: Cutting and Connectorizing UTP
Chapter 6: Wireless LANs I
Chapter 7: Wireless LANs II
Chapter 8: TCP/IP Internetworking I
Chapter 9: TCP/IP Internetworking II
Chapter 10: Wide Area Networks
Chapter 11: Networked Applications

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